Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Akzo Nobel Pakistan Limited is a six members board consisting of Mueen Afzal, Frederic Moreux, Oscar Wezenbeek, Sebastian Tan, Ayesha Hamid and Harris Mahmood.

Mueen Afzal has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board with Harris Mahmood as Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer & Acting Chief Executive Officer of Akzo Nobel Pakistan Limited.

The Non-Executive directors of the company are Frederic Moreux, Oscar Wezenbeek and Sebastian Tan. Ayesha Hamid is Independent director.

Mueen Afzal


Frederic Moreux

Non-Executive Director

Oscar Wezenbeek

Non-Executive Director

Sebastian Tan

Non-Executive Director

Ayesha Hamid

Independent Director

Harris Mahmood

Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer