A Bit of History

ICI Pakistan Limited was set up as a public limited company in Pakistan. However, ICI was an active presence in this part of the world well before the formation of the public limited company and indeed, even before Pakistan itself was created.

ICI UK acquired a 50% interest in a paints company in Lahore

The paints business in Lahore was converted to a public limited company – Paintex Limited

ICI Pakistan Limited completed 50 years of continuous listing on the Karachi Stock Exchange

ICI Pakistan Limited formally became a part of the AkzoNobel Group, bringing us under the banner of one of the largest coatings and chemicals companies in the world.

The Board of Directors of ICI Pakistan Limited approved a proposal from its ultimate holding company Akzo Nobel N.V. to restructure its interest in ICI Pakistan Limited by separation of the Paints Business into a separate legal entity through a scheme of demerger.

As of June 1, 2012, Akzo Nobel Pakistan Limited is operating as a separate legal entity.

Specialty Chemicals separated from ANPL from September 1, 2018.