You will find us all around you! Whether you are commuting, working in a manufacturing facility, or sitting on a comfy sofa enjoying your favourite soda can.

We are one of the market leaders for coatings in the world. What sets us apart is not just the excellence of our products but our unwavering commitment towards our customers that makes us customer's top choice. We believe in continuing the legacy of sustainable partnerships with our clients and have been working with them for decades, providing them lead chromate free products.

Our coatings business comprises of a vast portfolio catering to the needs of the customers in 3 different segments:

Automotive & Specialty Coatings
We make transport more efficient by delivering tailor-made coatings solutions that meet the specific needs of just about any automotive OEM suppliers; Car, Bus, Tractors, Motor Cycles etc. For every vehicle, there are AkzoNobel products for automotive exterior or interior requirement. Not just that, we also give your car the expert finish it deserves in the after sale market. We provide coatings with better coverage & un-matched color consistency to bodyshop owners and repair professionals.

Marine & Protective Coatings
We make production run smoothly & shipping more sustainable; because we provide world class products to protect the steel structure of any industry including and not limited to Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizer, Sugar, Cement. We have an extensive range that provides vital barrier against corrosion, abrasion, fire, water, fouls and temperature in many different environments.

Industrial Coatings
We try to make life safe and more appealing by catering to the wood coatings and metal coatings segment through the Industrial Coatings.

→ Metal Coatings
Our products try to minimize the exposure of risk to our customers by offering safe & sustainable packaging coatings for food & beverage cans. Not just that, our technical experience and know-how has helped us in providing coil coatings which is a continuous and highly automated process for coating metal before fabrication.

→ Wood Coatings
We have a passion for wood and we are here to protect it by supplying our wood care products to wood manufacturers.  As long as wood is here to be the most popular building material, we are here to constantly make it structurally strong and look its best.

It does seem overwhelming but we realized that paint has to be more than just paint. That’s why we provide market-leading products and technologies that not only offer world class functionality and performance, but also caters to customers across different industries.