Automotive & Specialty Coatings

For the OEM segment, Industrial Coatings® is one of our most established brand carrying with it legacy of more than 3 decades. Our products can be found at different stages of the production process: Pre-Treatment, Primer, Top Coat and Plastic Parts. Technologies that are used at different stages of production used are as follows:

Pre-Treatment surface treatment technologies comprising of Degreasing, Surface Conditioning, Phosphating processes
Primer: Stoving, Epoxyester, ALM Epoxy, PU, Alkyd, Polyester
Top Coat: Alkyd stoving, NC, Polyester
Plastic Parts: PU Primer, PU Top Coat

In our drive to provide the best technologies to our customers we have a long standing partnership with world’s leading Japanese surface treatment solutions provider Nihon Parkerizing, and we are their only strategic partners in Pakistan to cater variety of needs of Pre-Treatment technologies of automotive industry.

We are serving the refinish market through our brands: Sikkens®, DynaCoat®, AutoPaints®.

Sikkens® is a globally recognised brand providing expert finishes to cars.

AutoPaints® has been designed keeping in view the local requirements and has been used to paint millions of cars in the last 20 years.